Fighting Robot Night at Hive76!

On Tuesday April 23, Hive76 will be hosting Fighting Robot Night as part of our week-long celebration of Philly Tech Week. We will have four miniature remote-controlled robots designed to battle one another in a table-top arena. All are welcome and all are invited!

Show up Tuesday and sign up for a spot to drive and fight, or just hang out and watch the destruction. Ask questions, check out our space and get your robot rocks off. This will also be a preview of an upcoming fighting robot class to be offered at Hive in which participants will build machines similar to those featured at Fighting Robot Night (TBA, check back soon!).

In the meantime, here’s some old Battlebots videos to get you excited.

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  1. My 14 year old son is keenly interested in robotics. E.g. we just toured his older brother (a 17 year old junior) at Carnegie Mellon, and the 14 year old asked more questions, and was way, way more interested.

    We are not Hive members, but I plan to sign up–assuming there are opportunities for 14 year olds with an interest–to get involved at the Hive.

    Can you confirm that this event, the Robotics battle, is open to teenage nonmembers with parent along to watch?

    Thank you very much!

    Jim Wells
    215 327 8176 mobile

  2. Is it possible to reserve a spot ahead of time? Braden and Peirce have been dying to come to this for a while but one has a music lesson and the other a writing class until 8 pm in South Philly. We planned to head over afterward.

  3. Also, will the robots be at Saturday’s Open House? (Thinking Saturday afternoon might be easier for the 9 to 11-year-old set. And, has a date been set for the class this summer?

  4. We’ll have the robots on Saturday too! As far as reserving a spot, if you show up, we’ll make sure they get a chance to drive.

  5. Hive76,
    Thanks for having my fiance Maria and myself over to have fun with your robots! We had a great time!!! I look forward to spending more time with the hive. My mind is racing with projects… so much inspiration in your space. Thanks much. 🙂


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