Making Great Things Together

We’re a Philly makerspace dedicated to teaching creative skills and fostering innovation. Woodworking, electronics, laser-cutting, 3D-printing and much more – we support all kinds of maker endeavors. Whether you’re experienced or brand-new to making, there’s a spot for you at Hive. Follow our Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date on our exciting projects and events, or just email us at


Thanks to all members and guests who followed our COVID rules.
As vaccinations increase, we’re relaxing our restrictions.

Got your shot? Masks can come off!

If you’ve received your COVID-19 vaccine(s) and reached the point of full immunity, masks are optional.

If you’re not vaxxed, keep wearing a mask

If you haven’t received a COVID-19 vaccine and reached full immunity, masks are still required to protect other members

No more occupancy limits

In accordance with guidance, we’re lifting social distancing requirements and our reduced occupancy limits.

These rules apply to both members and guests. We won’t be checking individual vaccination documents but reserve the right to update this policy if we learn of people abusing it; Hive thrives on trusting it’s members so don’t betray that trust. Any members concerned with aspects of these rules are encouraged to reach out to management.


Hive76 is a member-run makerspace. To gain access to our equipment and space, you can join at one of 3 levels.

Tool and Equipment Usage
Community Access via Slack
24/7 Access Key
Storage at Hive
Parts and Supplies Usage
Personal Desk
Voting Rights

Light Membership is a great way to try out the space. You get full access to our equipment during open houses and whenever another Basic/Core member is using the space. We coordinate visits to the space on our Slack.

Basic Membership is perfect for members who want 24-hr access to work on projects on their own schedule, even if another member can’t make it to the space that day. Membership vote required before 24/7 access key is granted.

Core Membership is for dedicated members of the Hive who want a permanent workspace and want to support what we do. Membership vote required before 24/7 access key is granted.

All members must sign a liability waiver, and abide by our Code of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy

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