Illustrator to OpenSCAD to 3D printing

For Philly Tech Week, I will be showing visitors how to take a shape from Adobe Illustrator into the popular open source CAD program OpenSCAD and make a 3D model suitable for 3D printing.

I’m sure you know Illustrator. It’s the most successful vector drawing program <clarkson>in the world.</clarkson> OpenSCAD is less well known. It is best described as coding for objects. You make a solid with the function cube() and cut a cylinder() out of it with the difference() function, etc. But sometimes you want a more organic or complicated shape to start with. That’s where artist JK Keller stepped in and made a script that automates some of the process for you. What you need for this workshop:

There may not be time to print everyone’s design, but you should go home with something 3D printed.

Monday 4/22 5pm – 10
Gratis and Libre (free)

Hive76, suite 519
915 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia PA 19123

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39 Replies to “Illustrator to OpenSCAD to 3D printing”

  1. I would like to reserve three spots to see this presentation.
    Thank you,

  2. I’d like to reserve one spot also. I don’t plan to print anything of my own but just watch

  3. Can we *also* bring an already-made 3D design to be printed? If so, I’d like to reserve 2 spots.

  4. So Greg and Son told me about this event. They’ll need two spots, please. and one for me, thanks

  5. I am very interested in 3D modeling, but am not technologically inclined. Would this be a good opportunity to just hang out and watch, but not participate?

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