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Miter saw

Hitachi C10FCE2

10" compound miter saw

Remove your jewelry before using!

Bench grinder

Ryobi BGH615

6" thin line bench grinder

Remove your jewelry before using!

Scroll saw

DeWalt DW788

Table saw


10" table saw

Remove your jewelry before using! Watch your sleeves!

Band saw

Delta 28-560

16" band saw, 3 wheel

Remove your jewelry before using!

Drill Press

Ryobi DP120

12" drill press, 12 speeds

Remove your jewelry before using! Watch your sleeves!

Multi-fuction printer

Brother MFC 7820N

Networked laser printer (Greyscale), scanner (color), copier, fax

Soldering station

Weller WTCPT

Regulated fixed-temperature soldering station

Hot air rework station

Sunkko 850A

SMD rework station

Soldering fume extractor

SolderWerks BlackJack BK486

Soldering fume extraction fan

Soldering station

Aoyue Int 936

Variable temperature soldering station

Hot air rework station

Circuit Specialists CSI 825A++

SMD rework station, digital


JDR Instruments 2000

DC power supply

Hewlett-Packard 6633A

0-50V/0-2A, 100W, Digital

Spectrum Analyzer

Hewlett-Packard 8555A

Analog spectrum analyzer

Wooden stereo


Plywood speakers (4 transducers each), 12" subwoofer



HyperPin / Visual Pinball video pinball machine


Panasonic PT-AR100

Full HD (1920x1080)



Hive76's own artificial intelligence system

Laser Cutter

Full Spectrum Laser H-SeriesLasering area: 20” x 12”

Our members pitched in and bought a laser for the space! It's a 45W Full Spectrum H-Series 20x12Desktop CO2 Laser, and can do raster engraving and vector cutting. It has a honeycomb cutting table surface, exhaust vent, and a removable bottom for cutting larger things. The laser tube is water cooled from the blue bucket under the table. With the printer driver, anything that can be printed can be laser'd, but it is a bit easier to laser things in PDF or dxf format.

Soldering Stations

4 temperature-adjustable soldering stations + hardboard surfaces

Training is required prior to operating power tools and some hand tools. Always wear proper safety gear – we have goggles, earplugs, dust masks available. Please be courteous – warn other members in the room if you are about to operate a loud tool.