Member Meeting – April 2nd

This upcoming Sunday evening we’ll be having a member meeting. It’ll be at 5:30pm at Hive76. The primary topic will be a potential expansion of our space. We have the opportunity to rent the basement below our current workshop and double our space. If you’re interested, come and join the discussion.

Resin Printing Class Recap

Tom Meyer taught a class today on using our new resin printer, an Elegoo Saturn 2. A few example prints were shown to the class including this model boat which is 11 inches long. We are using a water soluble resin which has less fumes than alcohol based resins. We are excited to teach our members and the public about this effective method of making high resolution 3D prints safely and effectively!

All of our members are able to use the printer at no additional cost, materials costs are covered by classes like this!

New 8K Resin Printer

We have a brand new Elegoo Saturn 2 resin printer. It has a 10″ diagonal screen and can build high-res parts up to 305.9mm(L)*273mm(W)*567.3mm(H) in volume. The extra detail makes it ideal for miniatures and high-tolerance parts. We’ll be hosting a training class on the new printer soon.

New Color Printer

We’ve upgraded our 2D printer from black and white to color. You can print to it wirelessly as well as from Hive computers. As before, printing is an included perk of membership.


Date: Saturday, Oct 16th
Start Time: 7pm
Where: Haunted Hive76 (same address, but spookier)
Hive76 is hosting a Halloween party and you’re invited! Members and friends of Hive are welcome to our spookyspace to celebrate the most maker-centric holiday. [citation needed] After our gradual reopening after lockdown, we’re excited to be at the point to have a social event with everyone again.
Libations (alcoholic and non) will be provided as well as snacks. Costumes are welcome but not required. Check for the latest details and to help us plan. As always, vaccination requirements apply for anyone visiting the space: (

Reopening and Relaxing of COVID Restrictions

Thanks to all members and guests who followed our COVID rules. As vaccinations increase, we’re relaxing our restrictions.

Got your shot? Masks can come off!

If you’ve received your COVID-19 vaccine(s) and reached the point of full immunity, masks are optional.

If you’re not vaxxed, keep wearing a mask

If you haven’t recieved a COVID-19 vaccine and reached full immunity, masks are still required to protect other members

No more occupancy limits

In accordance with guidance, we’re lifting social distancing requirements and our reduced occupancy limits.

We look forward to seeing your faces in the space again – it’s been too long! Assuming conditions continue to improve, we’re planning to host an official reopening party in mid-late summer so we can all get together again.

New Planer and Dust Collection

We have another pair of upgrades to our woodworking shop. We’re happy to add a brand new Dewalt 735x thickness planer. It does an impressive job of surfacing rough wood to a silky smooth finish. And to deal with all the wood-chips it generates, we’ve also installed brand new dedicated dust collection. We’ll eventually be setting up hookups from all our power tools to the new dust collector.

Restarting Open Houses

During COVID, we’ve kept open-house restricted to members and those who pre-registered via email. As vaccinations become widely available, we’re beginning to ease back on those restrictions. Starting this week, non-members interesting in touring Hive no longer need to pre-register via email – you can just show up. Our COVID rules still remain in full effect, so you’ll need to wear a mask and we’ll still be enforcing a maximum occupancy at the space.