DIY Music Night at Hive76

Making things to make music.
Making things to make music.

On Thursday April 25, our series of events for Philly Tech Week continues as we open our doors for DIY Music Night (5pm-???). If you’re into music, making music, or making things that make music, you won’t want to miss it! If you’ve been to the space before, you’ll know that we run on a steady diet of tunes. And on Thursday, we’ll have all our audio and music-centric projects out in what is sure to be the loudest night of PTW. Come by and see the space, make some amplified noise, hang out, or share your own projects.

We’ll have guitars, amps, synthesizers, sequencers, speakers, fuzzboxes, tremolo pedals, signal generators, oscillators, speakers, drum machines, pickups, karaoke machines and probably alot more – all made at Hive76.

Plus we’ll have a handful of contact microphones to give away! We’ll help you turn anything into an amplified electric instrument in 10 minutes flat.

Fighting Robot Night at Hive76!

On Tuesday April 23, Hive76 will be hosting Fighting Robot Night as part of our week-long celebration of Philly Tech Week. We will have four miniature remote-controlled robots designed to battle one another in a table-top arena. All are welcome and all are invited!

Show up Tuesday and sign up for a spot to drive and fight, or just hang out and watch the destruction. Ask questions, check out our space and get your robot rocks off. This will also be a preview of an upcoming fighting robot class to be offered at Hive in which participants will build machines similar to those featured at Fighting Robot Night (TBA, check back soon!).

In the meantime, here’s some old Battlebots videos to get you excited.

Philly Tech Week signature event

One of our lovely members, Jim Fisher, was kind enough to send me and a friend along to the Signature Event for Philly Tech Week because he liked my SketchUp class so much. Thanks Jim! There was an open bar, some food, and a big screen displaying a TwitterFall for the tag #phillytechweek. I’m not one to pass up an opportunity, but I didn’t have the right hardware to exploit such a lovely tweetstream. Instead I bugged Adam into doing my dirty work in exchange for a burrito. The result:

You might want to zoom in

Woot! Great success! High fives all around.

There was also a collaboration suggestion board where someone suggested that we team up with Breadboard to hack some art. Okey doke, let’s do it!