Fan Expo & Maker Faire Recap

Hive had a busy spring, tabling at both Maker Faire and Fan Expo. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and all our members who volunteered and ran the tables. At Fan Expo we ran a cosplay repair station, helping many attendees fix unforeseen wardrobe malfunctions. Pete also debuted his cursed speaking Garfield with maybe sentience and Lovecraftian powers??? We don’t want to think to much about it. At Maker Faire, we had a full day of showing off Hive projects, even laser-etching business cards on the spot.

Philadelphia Maker Faire

On April 21st, Maker Faire will be returning to Philadelphia. It will be at Cherry Street Pier and tickets are on sale now. Multiple Hive members will be in attendance and some are even helping run it. For more details, visit

Hive76 at MagFest

Those who frequent know our members are infinitely creative and huge nerds. Several members headed to Magfest last month, bringing along with them projects they worked on at the space! For those who missed it check out two of the awesome projects below:

Hive76 at PAX Unplugged

Those who attend our monthly boardgame meetup won’t be surprised there’s significant overlap between Hive members and board game enthusiasts. So you can expect to see a healthy percentage of our membership attending PAX UNPLUGGED at the Philadelphia Convention Center this weekend. We’ve made a temporary Slack channel #PAX76 so members can coordinate during the con.

New 3D Printers

We’ve doubled our 3D printing capacity overnight. We got TWO Voron printers with 350x350mm build area. We also have a new Creality CR-6 Max, with 400x400mm. And if that wasn’t enough, we have a custom-built CoreXY printer with 230x230mm build area and lots of bells and whistles.

New CNC Donation

We’re excited to welcome an Axiom AR6 Pro V5 CNC router to our makerspace. There will be some time required to get the CNC set up safely in our space with all the proper precautions. But once that’s ready, we’re pumped to add a new capability to our space.

Brand New Band Saw

We have significantly upgrade our band saw. The old saw ran admirably with the replacement motor since the Spring Garden days, but it have finally been retired to the big woodshop in the sky.

Member Meeting – April 2nd

This upcoming Sunday evening we’ll be having a member meeting. It’ll be at 5:30pm at Hive76. The primary topic will be a potential expansion of our space. We have the opportunity to rent the basement below our current workshop and double our space. If you’re interested, come and join the discussion.