Learn to 3D print!

I’ve given up on 2D printers. 3D is the future!

print ninja
print ninja

Every single paper printer I have ever owned has been a constant source of pain and expense [example]. My experience with 3D printers thus far has been slightly better, but a magnitude cooler. The payoff for designing and printing your own real thing out of plastic is a real joy. That’s why some people call me obsessed with these 3D printers, and also why I feel the need to share!

Learn to print in 3D! We are running our SketchUp class again with 2 new dates: 4/17 and 5/1. Both Sundays and both from 10am – 3pm. [avoiding religion jokes here] These dates are separate; it’s not a 2-part class.

Grab a ticket today. $25 for either date:
SketchUp 4/17 SketchUp 5/1

You will learn:

  • How to make simple stuff in SketchUp
  • How not to ruin a model by poking holes in it, what “manifold” means.
  • The basic process of FDM 3D printing
  • The limitations of the Makerbot and the RepRap

And most importantly, you get to print and take home a thing!



  • Sunday, April 17th or May 1st from 10am to 3pm
  • Bring a lunch, or chip in for pizza
  • Tickets are $25
  • You don’t need to stay for the whole thing


  • Laptop with SketchUp installed.
    It’s available for Win and Mac and runs well under Wine for Linux
    We will have a limited supply of laptops for those poor souls without them.
  • This STL export plugin
  • Optional STL viewers: MeshLab, NetFabb, or Pleasant3D (mac)
  • Maybe some sketches of something to model. Remember: K.I.S.S.

Sound like fun?

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  1. p.s. I am already familiar with Sketchup. I’m interested in learning more about the software processes….cleaning the model…..slicing…etc

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