FDM2000 progress

Adam, Peejay, Justin, and I met Saturday to see just how fµ¢%ed our old enterprise Stratasys FDM 2000 is.


To catchup: we got a Stratasys FDM2000 from a garage sale for a song and it came with lots of unknowns. It has sat in our hackerspace and moved with us for almost 2 years.

These things are in good order:

  • All 3 axes
  • Two extruder steppers and gearboxes
  • Two extruder heaters and the envelope heater
  • Onboard controllers
  • Lights
  • Model liquefier hot end

Problems that we found:

  • Support liquefier blew out. Need to tear down and fix.
  • Can’t connect via software. May be related to Adam’s serial adapter.

Great news! We have tons of consumables! Spools and spools of ABS, support material, some cool looking elastomer and foam for the build platform.

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  1. Nice to see that thing finally get torn down and work started on it! I’ll be sweet to see if you can get it to run off reprap or makerbot guts.

  2. Did you write down any of the part numbers on the motors? It would be interesting to see if they’re steppers, brushed, or brushless.

  3. Just came across this post and I am in a very similar situation. I’m working to get my own used and abused FDM2000 running, and am interested to know how you acquired the software.

  4. Does anyone know a current or ex Stgratasys service tech? My FDM3000 worked fine until I took out head to put in new tips. Now, its CTM150 keypad only shows its internal boot test as “Version 2.00 Test OK” and no longer communicates with the controller board. It will go thru all the proper motions when I run calibration boxes, but no keypad controls. I did a pin-to-pin check of the head cable and replugged the head connector, but no luck. I’d pay for someone to help or service the machine or sell me a service manual. I have Insight 3.3 and the FDM3000 user manuals.

  5. He Hive76,

    I am part Cleveland Ohio Makers Alliance.
    We have just acquired a FDM2000 supposedly in 100% working order.
    We can confirm this due to lack of software. No help from Starsys no web search has turned up an programs as well.

    Can you help?

  6. I have seen it. but it comes on a usb stick as a virtual box image.
    they charge for the usb stick (that makes sense) if you are interested ill look for the link.

  7. Hi Hive76,
    Another member of the Cleveland Ohio Makers Alliance here.

    Just wondering if you ever found that software, If so. I would love a copy.

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