Philly Tech Week signature event

One of our lovely members, Jim Fisher, was kind enough to send me and a friend along to the Signature Event for Philly Tech Week because he liked my SketchUp class so much. Thanks Jim! There was an open bar, some food, and a big screen displaying a TwitterFall for the tag #phillytechweek. I’m not one to pass up an opportunity, but I didn’t have the right hardware to exploit such a lovely tweetstream. Instead I bugged Adam into doing my dirty work in exchange for a burrito. The result:

You might want to zoom in

Woot! Great success! High fives all around.

There was also a collaboration suggestion board where someone suggested that we team up with Breadboard to hack some art. Okey doke, let’s do it!


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  1. That is so cool .. also, the first time I have ever heard of Jim Fisher described as “lovely”. I usually call him.”king of the Loaves, the Loaf-meister, you want some bread delivered, you go to him, that’s what I’m sayin”

    Hive fives all around.

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