1 Pixel video game; component-driven design

It didn’t take me and Robert long to find an RGB LED pushbutton. I composed a short part number using the NKK data sheet and found a KP0215ASBKG03RGB-2SJB. I made a simple perf board shield with the proper resistors for my Arduino Mega 1280 and re-learned Arduino to light it up.

Gaussian curves from https://www.desmos.com/calculator/zkmpvehya3

Gaussian curves from https://www.desmos.com/calculator/zkmpvehya3When I wanted to smoothly fade between all the available RGB colors, I couldn’t find a good solution. So I made my own using Gaussian curves. Here is a picture and link to the online graphic calculator desmos that was very helpful visualizing the LED levels.
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The No-Video Game!

It’s a vidya game but not! A completely audio-based game, the objective is to use sonar to find the hidden submarine and destroy it with depth charges. But be careful! If you are not close enough to hit the submarine, it will get away and you must hunt it down again.

Got an Arduino Mega2560 on the innards side. Got the joystick and arcade buttons from Ada Fruit! Very nice quality, shipped very quickly, and not too expensive to boot. Box was just a little, prefab wooden deal from a craft store somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And the speakers, I think I pried them out of a few alarm clocks.

Zerg-adelphia (Hive76 Starcraft II LAN Party)

Does your love for insane micromanagement of miscellaneous bugs and aliens know no bounds? Do you enjoy sharing that love with others? Assuming you already know that we’re talking about Starcraft II, we’ll just say it:

Come to Hive 76 on Saturday, August 21 for some Starcraft and SCII LAN madness. The siege tank-rushing shindig starts at 5 PM and will go until your fingers cannot possibly strike another hotkey. Absolutely do not bring food, we’ll take care of it. What you do need are these essentials:

* A computer (laptop or desktop with internet capability) capable of playing Starcraft and/or SCII
* Your own copy of Starcraft and/or Starcraft II to play with
* More vespene gas (kidding… sort of)

See you then and remember to bring your A game!

Saturday, August 21
Hive 76, 915 Spring Garden (Suite 519) in the Spring Garden Arts building, Philadelphia PA
Free, bring your own game,laptop, snacks, and beverages.

This Event is by Hive76(Far McKon), and Geekadelphia (Joe Osborne) , and several others.

Project Operation completed

About a month ago, Body Worlds 2 (currently at The Franklin Institute) contacted the crew from Make:Philly about making a giant version of the board game Operation for an event at Body Worlds.

Make:Philly had the skill to build it, but no place to work on such a project, since their regular home (at the Industrial Design Department of UArts) is a presentation space, not a build space. So Make:Philly turned to their friendly neighborhood hackerspace (us) as a place to build the project.

So after 5 weekends of tinkering, tweaking, and painting, the Make:Philly and Hive76 crew(s) deliverer the finished game to the event last Friday. Unfortunately, the event got snowed out, and Body Worlds is working on snow date for it.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the project.