The No-Video Game!

It’s a vidya game but not! A completely audio-based game, the objective is to use sonar to find the hidden submarine and destroy it with depth charges. But be careful! If you are not close enough to hit the submarine, it will get away and you must hunt it down again.

Got an Arduino Mega2560 on the innards side. Got the joystick and arcade buttons from Ada Fruit! Very nice quality, shipped very quickly, and not too expensive to boot. Box was just a little, prefab wooden deal from a craft store somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And the speakers, I think I pried them out of a few alarm clocks.

9 Replies to “The No-Video Game!”

  1. Cool device man! I love the concept. For some reason I want it to have some sort of analog visual feedback thing like a VU meter or orientation compass, like what would be on a real ship or something.

  2. Yes, that was originally the plan, but then someone on Saturday thought I was trying to make a game for the blind and suddenly it seemed an achievable goal to not have any display at all.

    I’m going to consider this project complete. Anything more that could be done should be done to a new project.

  3. I totally dig it. Adds a whole new element. When I was playing with it I realized I was staring off into space, totally intent on imagining the board in my mind

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  5. I saw this on MAKE’s blog just now. I teach music at a blind school, this is awesome! Some students still struggle with spatial orientation, but this would be a great cognitive exercise that they’d enjoy doing.

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