Zerg-adelphia (Hive76 Starcraft II LAN Party)

Does your love for insane micromanagement of miscellaneous bugs and aliens know no bounds? Do you enjoy sharing that love with others? Assuming you already know that we’re talking about Starcraft II, we’ll just say it:

Come to Hive 76 on Saturday, August 21 for some Starcraft and SCII LAN madness. The siege tank-rushing shindig starts at 5 PM and will go until your fingers cannot possibly strike another hotkey. Absolutely do not bring food, we’ll take care of it. What you do need are these essentials:

* A computer (laptop or desktop with internet capability) capable of playing Starcraft and/or SCII
* Your own copy of Starcraft and/or Starcraft II to play with
* More vespene gas (kidding… sort of)

See you then and remember to bring your A game!

Saturday, August 21
Hive 76, 915 Spring Garden (Suite 519) in the Spring Garden Arts building, Philadelphia PA
Free, bring your own game,laptop, snacks, and beverages.

This Event is by Hive76(Far McKon), and Geekadelphia (Joe Osborne) , and several others.

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  1. I’m down. I would much rather play on my PC, but I don’t want to haul it over there, so I guess my laptop will have to do..

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