Hive’s Valentine Hackshop – February 9th


1:00 – 5:00 PM   $10/ at door

Leave a comment below for RSVP 🙂

Got a sweetheart?  Want to meet a sweetheart?  David and Leslie are back to share the Valentine’s love.  Make sweet gifts and  learn about 3D printing and paper circuits at the same time.   For the gamer in your life,  there’s  a Valentine  Creeper.  Got an inspirational do-gooder?  Here’s a movie inspired MockingJay pin.  Just want to show you care?  Well, they’re working on a pixel heart necklace/keychain, that is sure to please.








While your piece prints, make a Valentine card that will illuminate your sweetheart’s soul.  Bring some materials from around your house and combine them with a variety of papers, copper tape, LED and battery to create the perfect paper circuit.  If you love crafting and electronics, you are about to experience  maker heaven.  If you’ve never been here before, you can tour the space and find out more about other member’s projects.  Munchies will be on hand.  Don’t forget to comment below so we know you are coming!


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  1. Hey, Mike, you can just bring any scraps that you feel would look nice on your Valentine’s Card. Could be fabric, ribbon, cool paper. We will have supplies on hand, so you really don’t need to bring anything but your happy self.

  2. Great! Also, I hope to bring a guest. We’ll have at least 1 (probably 2) CAD files prepared for 3D Printing (if possible…). What printer do you use? Are STL files ok? Also, I am interested in making a different version of the pendant. Is tha possible? Does this require some file format for the pattern? Thanks!

  3. Mike, we test all the prints ahead of time on our RepRap Mendel (at least I think that is the type) so we know how long it takes to do them. We just want to make sure everyone walks away with something, and seriously, some of the cool things I wanted to make take over an hour to print LOL. I’ll tell David to check out your comment as he is the expert here. So cool that you are a 3D lover! If your friend is new to 3D, they are going to love it.

    1. No problem, sounds good. We’ll bring the 3D CAD over and check the print time. If it is hours, no worries, we’ll forget about it.

      What about the pendant? Is that laser-cut or something? What file format/usable volume do you need for that?

      Sorry for all the questions…

  4. STL files are the format of choice, yes. From there we slice them and then see if we need any adjustments before printing. Some files do better with different settings than others, so there is often some need for changes.

  5. I’ll be there! Late, but I definitely want to take a look at what you guys have going on in this space.

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