OpenSCAD class August 4th: Learn parametric CAD for 3D printing

I have been using OpenSCAD to design the objects I 3D print these days. Take for example my printed towel rack pictured here.

3D printed Towel Rack
3D printed Towel Rack

The design is parametric, which means that each aspect of the design is customizable. I had a specific diameter rod to use, so I entered that value into the code. If you would like to make your own towel rod, you could download the code that I wrote, and change the diameter of whatever rod you find to use. In this way the design can meet everyone’s needs with very little effort. This also means that sharing the design is much more valuable for others.

In this class you will learn the basics of OpenSCAD and reproduce a simple design from scratch. Some prior knowledge is required; basically that when you code, you need to spell things right and close brackets. OpenSCAD is fully cross platform and easy to install. Feel free to bring an idea for a 3D printed object, but make it practical. OpenSCAD does not excel at organic pretty things.


  • Class will be on August 4th from 1pm to 5pm.
  • Fee is $20. There will be an optional materials fee for printing: $1/10g, cheap.
  • There will be beer and a donation jar for more beer.
  • A computer will be required, laptop much preferred.
  • OpenSCAD needs to be installed:
  • Basic knowledge of some coding helps, ie: proper spelling and syntax, indenting code, closing brackets, semicolons.
  • Class will be held at Hive76 in our new fancy classroom.

If you have heard of OpenSCAD before, we will be covering for() loops, modules, and debugging as well.

List of things I have designed with OpenSCAD:


5 Replies to “OpenSCAD class August 4th: Learn parametric CAD for 3D printing”

  1. Hello “eagleapex,”

    I’m an artist, and I’m looking to use a 3D printer to make an action figure, an eagle, actually, that I have in mind. I notice you said “OpenSCAD does not excel at organic pretty things.” Thank you for that. Any advice on what program would be good for me to start learning so I could come into a hackerspace with a good start on my project? I have to admit, I do not know any programming….bad start already, right?

    Thank you,

    1. Realistic, organic modeling is tough. Blender is a program that could do it, or Z brush. I’m not too familiar with them. You might also try sculpting and scanning your object.

  2. Interesting. Thank you. I think the idea of sculpting and scanning might be a good way to help a lot of my fellow artists get a handle on this process. As for myself, I’m more of a drawing/painter person, so I’m excited to lean the programs. At your space, does everyone use different programs with the 3D printers, or is there a computer lab that has some basic programs that everyone can use?

  3. We have a few members that use Blender, and Solidworks. The public computers here have OpenSCAD installed or Blender. But any 3D modeling software can generate a STL file to print if exported properly. If you aren;t up to the OpenSCAD class (it’s not too tough) stop by an open house Wednesday night and check the place out.

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