Summer Project Day (Hackaton) on June 12

Everyone has cool projects they’ve not finished, or ones they’ve not made time to start yet. A Project Day (aka Hackaton) is a day to get together with friends, and finally get some of that stuff done. Have art to finish? A kit you want to build? Some software you need help on? Hive76 will be open 10AM to 10PM, so come by and get some quite, some help, and some comradeship as you work on whatever project you’ve wanted to finish. Little known facts about Hackatons:

  • People being too loud or just socializing will be politely asked to go hang out in the lobby.
  • Desk-sized whiteboards and some markers will be available to help in brainstorming.
  • We will have ‘quite please’ signs. Feel free to take one if you don’t want to be interrupted while you work.
  • If you just want to drop in and help, Hive76 will find something that fits your talents that can help the community.
  • A white board will be reserved for anyone to write what they are stuck on, to help people find tutors or helpers.
  • Lunch will be outside, at about 1PM, for about an hour. Get some sun!
  • People working on open source projects get free lunch!

(Photo CC and by Opacity of PS:One)

Python Programming on Feb 22nd

We are running a workshop on Feb. 22nd about getting started with Python. We will help you get Python installed and setup, and get you working on some great initial projects to get your feet wet. This class is best for people with some programming experience in *any* language, but can be taken by someone without any experience at all. The workshop is a measly $5 suggested donation to cover snacks,etc. If you really can’t afford that, we have $0 tickets available too.

You will need to bring your own computer (Mac/Linux/Windows) and your curiosity. Bonus points if you bring a snack for the people running the workshop! It’s be quick, it’ll be fun, and you will walk away knowing how to build some cool stuff using your new tools. This class is brought to you by Hive76, specifically by Phillip and Far.

Dive into programming Python:
Mon, February 22, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
915 Spring Garden St (Suite #519) – Hive76 Headquarters

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Django/Python Hacking Night!

Hello all you Pythonistas.  So someone (cough:Far:cough) accidentally scheduled Python Hacking Night as 7am instead of 7pm on second Mondays, leading to a minor collission, but since the collison was also a Python event of sorts (Django being written purely in Python), I thought maybe we’d go all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on it…  “you got your Python in my Django!” “No, you got your Django in my Python!”…  and do a joint night, and see how much interest there is in separate nights, related projects and whatnot, whatever…  we’re making this up as we go along!

So if you’re interested in either Python or Django, please come by a week from tonight, Monday the 14th at 7ish, and that’s 7 post meridiem mind you!

Swiss ‘white’ Trojan programs

To make a short story shorter, Ruben Unteregger is a swiss programmer has spent the last 7 years working for a branch of the Swiss government (Swiss Department of the Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications (UVEK) ) to create a so-called ‘white’ trogan program to sniff and scan VOIP calls. Since much of VOIP (such as Skype) are encrypted, this means he was was writing a client-side Trojan, which would record calls to mp3 files without the computer owners consent or knowledge.

As usual, if there is a way to break encryption, it will be skipped in favor of grabbing the data before/after encryption happens. Being an awesome human being(tm), Ruben Unteregger released MegaPanzer to the public, and has done a good interview explaining in simple I-have-to-explain-it-to-my-mom language what the whole thing is about. It’s an interesting interview, and worth the read. Other coverage is also here.

Or you can watch the nifty ‘How to take over an e-banking session in 7 easy steps” video if you are lazy.

How to Plunder a Bank Account with Megapanzer 0.1I’m not such a fan of this web player……

Python Hacking

Python hacking was a success. After a few hours of messing around B-Man and I managed to get a good cross-platform version of tab completion running on OS X/Windows/Linux all. It’s the first version of full cross platform tab completion I’ve run across. If anyone has shown me an earlier version of the same thing, I’d be keen to see how someone else did it.

Python hacking night was a success, we brought some new functionality into the world, and hopefully it will be useful to folks. Catch you at the next one.