Django/Python Hacking Night!

Hello all you Pythonistas.  So someone (cough:Far:cough) accidentally scheduled Python Hacking Night as 7am instead of 7pm on second Mondays, leading to a minor collission, but since the collison was also a Python event of sorts (Django being written purely in Python), I thought maybe we’d go all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on it…  “you got your Python in my Django!” “No, you got your Django in my Python!”…  and do a joint night, and see how much interest there is in separate nights, related projects and whatnot, whatever…  we’re making this up as we go along!

So if you’re interested in either Python or Django, please come by a week from tonight, Monday the 14th at 7ish, and that’s 7 post meridiem mind you!