Our Calendar is Moving.

Tonight I’m going to switch the website calendar over to run off of our domain (Hive76@Hive76.org) instead of having it on Hive76@gmail.com. Please email Contact@Hive76.org if/when you notice any missing or problematic calendar events in the next week or so!

Make things awesome, Make Awesome Things,
– Instigator

3 Hour Game Jam with GameDev.net

Next Saturday at Hive76 we will be hosting an international 3 hour game jam with gamedev.net. Contestants have 3 hours to complete a small game based on a secret theme, to be revealed at the beginning of the contest. This contest has a secondary requirement that all of the games have to be puzzle games.

Any programming language and API is acceptable, as long as it will run in some way (app or web app) on the judges 64-bit Windows Vista machine or their Mac Mini.

Third and second places are premium memberships (3 months and one year, respectively) to gamedev.net First prize is a $75 gift card for Amazon.com!

Organizer: Sean McBeth (Philip Fominykh at the assist)
More Information at : http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=566163
Saturday, April 10th, contest starts at 5:00PM

skipfish studygroup anyone?

Hey hackers, I (Far) have wanted to play with Skipfish for a while, but I don’t know anything about it, and I don’t know where to start. Skipfish is a web security scanner from lcamtuf . It allows it’s user/installer to scan domains for issues, and creates interactive crawl results, highlighting flaws, and more.

This is an outgoing call to see if anyone wants to have a ‘skipfish’ studygroup night in April to get together, and play with this awesome web-security tool. If you want to mess with skipfish for an evening, then pick a date you can join us. When we get 5 people for a specific date, I’ll let our Events Coordinator know, and we will have a studygroup for that night!

Grace Hopper

A day late for Womans History day, here is a post about another great female geek, Grace Hopper. With a PhD in mathematics from Yale, she became a Naval officer, pushed for Machine Independent programming languages, and became a Rear Admiral in the US Navy.

Wikipedia has a better entry on her than I could ever write, so I’d suggest reading that for a full Bio. Or better, watch her take on The Late Night Show and ham it up. I especially love the “I didn’t know [about computers] Since it was the first one.’ There is also a biography about her out on the shelves.

I first heard about her from her ‘nanosecond’ wire gifts she would give out. After she retired Rear Admiral Hopper became a speaker for DEC, and traveled around and spoke about the history of computers. She was known to give out 11.8 inch long sections of telephone cable, to give people a hands on fee for how far electricity traveled in a nanosecond.

Teardown and Take Apart Workshop (March 28th)

Image thanks to drewzhrodague (CC licensed)
Teardown and Take Apart is your chance to take something apart, to see how it works. Bring in your old electronics, typewriters, or other stuff, and we will (carefully) help you take it apart to see how it works. Do you have an old printer, computer, or fax machine at home you want to try to take apart? Want to look inside a printer and see what makes it work? This is your chance to mess with it, and check out what is inside.

Please come with gloves, goggles (if you have them) and your curiosity. This is a carry-in carry-out workshop, so be prepared to take home whatever you bring with you. We also reserve the right to stop folks from taking apart dangerous things, or to stop teardowns that can be health or safety issues.

This event is free, but a $5 to $10 donation is appreciated, depending on how much help we provided you in your quest for take-apart-fu.

This event is organized by Far McKon ( FarMcKon@gmail.com ) of Hive76. If you have questions, email him.

Class Costs and Planning

Part of running a hackerspace is doing classes, events and workshops. Classes generally involved a teacher (and TA) and slides or a presentation. Workshops and Events are different from classes, and aren’t covered here. It’s sometimes hard to set rates and costs for classes, and it’s a tricky thing to make classes easy and affordable, but to make enough to support the space, and give people giving the class satisfaction of doing something worth the scratch.

I’ve heard some advice from different spaces on how to plan classes and costs, and (for me) one of the toughest parts was coming up with a decent cost for classes. My personal guidelines for the ‘don’t-expect-to-make-money’ classes (take it or leave it) is below. I use this for my own classes and events, and find it useful. If you also do classes or events, feel free to give us feedback on how you price yours, either by leaving a comment on the weblog, or updating the page on our wiki with your guidelines.
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Class Requests

Hive76 is gearing up to talk about classes over the next few days, and figure out exactly what we want to offer for classes. This post is an Open Thread to give us feedback on class ideas. (‘Open Thread’ means there isn’t much to say in the post, but we would like people to give us input in the comments.)

Classes we’ll probably do:

  • Makerbot
  • Python (easy and complex)
  • Guitar Effects Pedals
  • Basic Microcontrollers
  • how to teach a class

Classes we’ll try to do (but could use some help):

  • Blender 3D
  • Basic server wrangling
  • Fabrication with several fab machines

Do you have other class ideas for us? Do you want to teach a class here (for free, or for some extra scratch?) Leave us a comment, join the mailing list, or just email us your ideas.

Giant 12 Sided Die

For your entertainment and reading pleasure on this fine day of Snowpocolypse #2 Electric Boogaloo. I present another “are you kidding me? Did they really build that?” project from the crew at Tango-Echo.

Yes, that is a giant 12 sided die. No, you can’t have one. Well, unless you make one yourself. The slideshow of the project is pretty nifty. I really think Geekadelphia needs to get one of these outside of their shiny new secret Headquarters.

Python Programming on Feb 22nd

We are running a workshop on Feb. 22nd about getting started with Python. We will help you get Python installed and setup, and get you working on some great initial projects to get your feet wet. This class is best for people with some programming experience in *any* language, but can be taken by someone without any experience at all. The workshop is a measly $5 suggested donation to cover snacks,etc. If you really can’t afford that, we have $0 tickets available too.

You will need to bring your own computer (Mac/Linux/Windows) and your curiosity. Bonus points if you bring a snack for the people running the workshop! It’s be quick, it’ll be fun, and you will walk away knowing how to build some cool stuff using your new tools. This class is brought to you by Hive76, specifically by Phillip and Far.

Dive into programming Python:
Mon, February 22, 6:30pm – 8:00pm
915 Spring Garden St (Suite #519) – Hive76 Headquarters

Register Now

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Giant Operation Game at The Franklin Jan 30th

Giant Operation board by Hive76 and Make:PhillyMake:Philly folks and Hive76 got together back in November and December to build a GIANT version of the board game Operation for an event they were having. We spent 3-4 weekends working on it, and got some nifty coverage of it by Tango-Echo ‘zine.

The project was for a Body Words 2 event at The Franklin Institute back in December. Unfortunately, the event got snowed out that weekend when we got a (mini) snow storm.

We just got notice that the event has been put back on the calendar for Jan 30th. The kids will be playing the board game ‘Operation’ form 11AM to 1PM, with the final round being played on our GIANT Operation board we built! Come on out, check out what we make and do!

Operation Event, with Make:Philly & Hive76 GIANT Operation Board
Saturday Jan 30th from 11AM to 1PM
The Franklin Institute
222 N. 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103