3 Hour Game Jam with GameDev.net

Next Saturday at Hive76 we will be hosting an international 3 hour game jam with gamedev.net. Contestants have 3 hours to complete a small game based on a secret theme, to be revealed at the beginning of the contest. This contest has a secondary requirement that all of the games have to be puzzle games.

Any programming language and API is acceptable, as long as it will run in some way (app or web app) on the judges 64-bit Windows Vista machine or their Mac Mini.

Third and second places are premium memberships (3 months and one year, respectively) to gamedev.net First prize is a $75 gift card for Amazon.com!

Organizer: Sean McBeth (Philip Fominykh at the assist)
More Information at : http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=566163
Saturday, April 10th, contest starts at 5:00PM

5 Replies to “3 Hour Game Jam with GameDev.net”

  1. I used to hang out at GameDev back in the old Cybiko days.

    I still have a few of those lying around. Maybe I should resurrect the old SDK. They were a great device with the dopiest marketing idea ever.

  2. Oh man, I remember the Cybikos. It’s too bad they stopped making them, a lot of potential for those things. Still a bunch of people hacking on them. That was the way early days of gdnet.

  3. Well, I was thinking more about the “game a day” aspect. The fact that they had a handheld with peer-peer communication AND an “app -store” concept that long ago was amazing. The fact that they managed to fade into obscurity with such a killer product was more amazing still. They just didn’t get what they had, and they were kind of obtuse when folks would try to make intelligent suggestions.

    I have about six or so Cybiko classics, if anyone wants to have at it. I’ll need to see if I can dig up the old SDK. They had a hacked GNU C compiler that generated interpreted P-code. It was actually pretty good …

    If anyone knows Greg Smith (or if Greg wanders by here) — let’s have a Cybiko renaissance …

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