The Hivelord at Maker Faire 2015


Look, it’s Hive76

It’s a bit late, with all the building shut downs and nautical hackerspacing lately, but here they are, pictures I took with my face-backpack-thing at Maker Faire while wearing an orange spandex skin suit! We pulled together a heroic effort to fix it after everything was basically broken on arrival, so the mask now supports a new raspberry pi and fresh camera. Other than that it went great! I even had an extra battery to swap out as needed. See you all at the next Maker Faire (and other assorted local events!)!

Playing the Lumiphonic Creature Choir!
Hello, mortal.

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  1. The pictures are priceless!! Most people smile, appear puzzled or simply are in awe when they realize they can see themselves. Great Job, Hive76!!!

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