Halloween Themed Open Build Night 10/24!

Hackers! Need to finish your costume and/or decorations before the spooky festivities begin? We will be hosting a Halloween themed open build night this Friday, October 24th, 7pm – late o’clock! Suggested themes include wearables, microcontrollers, LEDs, and blood. Bring something to work on!

WHAT: Halloween Open Build Night
WHERE: Hive76 Global Headquarters
WHEN: October 24th, 7pm – ????
WHO: Wizards, witches, warlocks
WHY: ?????

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  1. say hello to Mike Hogan for me. Got a new open source method for treating biomass – was invented by a dude in 1975 who was trying to figure out a way to better feed cows. Going to make some renewable biogas. Hope your project to make microbial cellulose is kicking ass.

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