Razorbots Class!

We are thrilled to announce our Razorbots class August 10-17! Razorbots are small, simple R/C robots that wield razorblades against one another to pop their opponent’s balloon. They’re good fun even for the most seasoned roboticist and a great entry point for anybody who wants to learn about robotics, electronics, or DIY tech in general. Sign up here!

The class will take place over 2 sessions: The first, on Sunday August 10 2pm-4pm, will be the introduction and kickoff. A classroom discussion will be held to explain tech stuff, followed by distribution of components and a build party. You’ll then have the rest of the week to finish your robot at your own pace using the tools and resources available at Hive76. The second session will be held on the following Sunday, August 17, again at 2pm. This is where your Razorbot will prove its mettle against all others and battle for the coveted Inaugral Razorbot Cup! Both classes are open to continue well past 4pm!

The class cost is $150 per kit (more than one person is welcome to share a kit; bring friends and split the cost! Bring the family!)

  • 2.4GHZ 4-Channel Radio System
  • Servo mixer
  • 2 continuous rotation servos + wheels for drive system
  • 2 sub-micro servos for weapon arms
  • 2 razorblades
  • 1 battery holder
  • AA batteries for robot + radio
  • 36″ of 1/4″ square wooden dowel rod
  • 6″ x 6″ square fiberboard

We will be supplying additional materials such as fishing line, hot glue, balloons and painters tape. We will be following a constricted rule set to keep everybody on an even playing field. You’ll have to rely on cunning, ingenuity, and driving skill to win. The rules are those we’ve been following at Hive76 with our prototype Razorbots:

“You may only use what’s in your kit, plus hot glue. Absolutely no outside materials or fasteners. Your fiberboard base must remain a 6″ square. At the start of the match, your entire robot must fit within the 6″ square, drive wheels excluded. Your balloon must be mounted dead center on your bot. It may only be as high as if it were sitting on the battery pack. ‘Defensive’ structures are not allowed. You may not build a wooden framework to shelter your balloon. All construction must be offensive. You must construct feet under your 6″ square to ensure that it remains vaguely level.

Two robots, one tabletop arena. Last robot to have its balloon intact is the winner.”

Of course, rules may be bent as the class organizer sees fit.

At the completion of this class, not only will you have a one-of-a-kind razor toothed robot, but also the know-how to move onto more sophisticated robotics projects. Plus, all the components in the kits can be reused and reconfigured any number of ways in a variety of R/C and robotics projects.

Due to lead time on components, the signup deadline is FRIDAY JULY 11
Class reservations: http://hive76.ticketleap.com/razorbots

What? Robots armed with flailing razor blades attempt to pop their opponent’s balloon.
When? Sundays August 10th + 17th 2pm-4pm. Deadline to sign up is Friday, July 11.
How? Make a reservation at http://hive76.ticketleap.com/razorbots
Who? All ages! Minors under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Where? Hive76 – 915 Spring Garden Suite #519, Philadelphia, PA 19123
How much? $150

About the instructor: Daniel Provenzano is Hive76’s resident roboticist. With over ten years experience building fighting robots, he also holds a BS Mechanical Engineering from Lehigh University. Currently he works as a civilian engineer for the US Navy specializing in machinery acoustics. His most recent robotics project can be found here.

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