Leaders of the 3D Printing Revolution

The Creator’s Project released a new video, and our sugar printing, gelation, and blood pumping was featured in it! Trackback is to 3Ders.org The project goal is to unify artists and technologists and this video is focused on 3D Printing:

And I just got done with a talk at ScienceOnTap Philly! It was a truly excellent night! Special thanks to the Organizers and also the Hivers who came out or emailed in their support! You peeps are the best.

Here are some pics via the Twittersphere. Thanks to the photographers for posting!

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  1. I live in Center City Philadelphia and I need an object designed and printed. Is there anyone at Hive who could work with me on this? The object is fairly simple, but it just can’t be purchased any longer. It’s a “stopper” that fits into a square hole on the bottom of each corner of a mid-century dining chair.

    You can see pics of the chair here and the stoppers are kinda visible: http://shard3.1stdibs.us.com/archivesD/upload/8608/239/XXX_8608_1272787336_1.jpg

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