Modified MendelMax RepRap Build starting Wednesday

Did you take Peejay’s Intro to Programming with Arduino class? You may have learned that Arduino’s are great for controlling 3D printers such as a RepRap.

Well, hot on the heels of our last RepRap MendelMax Build, I’ve been able to redesign the MendelMax to be a rigid rectangle… the upshot is the build volume is increased (especially in Z) without the footprint increasing. The build volume of this baby is 265x233x190 mm (or ~10″x9″x7.5″). The build assembly goes much faster, too.

Come on by Hive76 starting this Wednesday night to see or help put together another one. If you’ve been wondering about our upcoming 3D Printer Build and Operation Workshop with NextFab Studio, this is a great way to see what the fuss is all about.

Here’s a video of this box design Modified MendelMax printer on it’s first print. It’s been chugging along for a solid few days now, no problems so far. It’s printing so well, it’s time to build another one. Come join us!

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  1. I just gotta chime in and say this is awesome!. But for fact checking sake you should know the build area of the standard official mendelmax is 290mmx230mmx190mm so this altered MM actually has a slightly smaller build area from what I can tell?

    Still I do like the cubed/rectangular frame myself and the fewer printed parts and faster assembly is certainly a win.

  2. we could never get the original mendelmax to move that far in Z… it crashes into the triangle vertex. part of the reason for the design of this bot. Plus the custom extruder we have would never fit into a regular mendelmax. more soon.

    My original x-carriage has side mounts for a fan which shrinks the x-travel. but i just printed another one, so yes it is the same if not more build volume as the mendelmax.

  3. I saw that your thingiverse page was listed above as having the STL files for the 3d printed parts of this printer. I didn’t see them there or the BOM. Could you email me them or send a link. I’d love to build this variation. It looks a lot like what I started to design myself.

    1. Hi Mike — The thingiverse page is static so it directs to the github page, which is where you can find everything. hope that helps!

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