Hive to HOST Bug Jam March 4th

What the heck is a Bug Jam?


Ok, so now what?


From Friday March 2nd to Sunday March 4th in IRC at #ubuntu-us-pa on
freenode we will be working as a group to help with this event.

On Sunday March 4th from 10am to 6pm at
Hive76 we will have a Bug Event.

If you can get out and join us, please do! No experience necessary.

Heck, even if you want to just hangout, stop on by.

Event info and Registration

2 Replies to “Hive to HOST Bug Jam March 4th”

  1. Hey, I might bite — I presume that Pangolin is an LTS? They mention upgrade from Oneiric, but how’s ’bout LTS upgrades (Lynx to Pangolin). I mainly stick to the LTS releases, since I usually use an EMC2 image to install Ubuntu.

    By the way, your posts are always very to the point — three cheers for a characteristically svelte post.

  2. LTS to LTS upgrades are doable one shot.

    The upgrade is mentioned as part of the Bug experience. Do it and report what fails. NOT recommended for real at this point.

    I will have live cd’s (11.10) if anyone wants to do the upgrade virtually.

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