Hive Cleans Up

As mentioned previously, on Sunday, the 5th of September, members of Hive76 spent time cleaning up the street at 915 Spring Garden St. The work proved to be hard but rewarding. While there are still significant areas of garbage and weeds, we made a big impact on the areas in which we worked, paving the way for future improvements.

As the coordinator for this particular activity, I really want to give my deepest thanks to our members Mike Hogan, PJ Santoro, and Dan Toliaferro for coming out and busting their asses in the 80+F weather. I also want to thank Dave Sharp for providing some supplies as well as one of our fellow tenants at 915 Spring Garden St. for bringing us water while we were working.

More cleanup efforts are still to come, we really want to develop the garden box and maybe add more garden boxes around the building. We’d also like to spiff the place up a little it with some local art, any sort of standing sculptures that can live permanently in our new garden. If you would like to donate to our cause, with plants or dirt or trees or money to buy such things, then please contact us at

In the meantime, check out the before and after pictures:

The sidewalk had weeds poking through the cracks and lots of cigarette butts and broken glass.
More sidewalk weeds


A completely overgrown garden
The garden from another angle
So we got to work!
PJ was ready!
And jumped right in
All of the weeds are gone from the sidewalk
And the garden is now cleared out of all of the weeds.
Ready for some flowers or maybe some grass

9 Replies to “Hive Cleans Up”

  1. A data point: two used crack pipes were found vs three condoms (one used). This suggests that folks plan for sex 50% more often than they plan for drugs, but that they do drugs twice as often as they have sex .. unless one condom = two sexings, in whic case there is a sex/drug parity .. or maybe I’m reading too much into the data.

    Actually, we were pleasantly surprised that the area was relatively devoid of discarded needles, pipes and condoms .. we expected worse.

  2. It was a good time. I actually kind of enjoyed the work. I hope we can get the rest of the block cleaned up.

  3. I’m worried that the pwnd planter may be leakimg mud across thesidewalk right where that corner is broken. We need to get some ground cover in there.

    I did find a few small maples that wecan plant (say, 8′ tall, 3″ trunks). I’ll see if I can bring one tomorrow (a little unlikely, but not impossible).

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