Art at Hive76

It’s not all about circuits and microcontrollers and chemistry at Hive76; we love art and we love making art in an incredibly dynamic environment that has become a second home for many of us.¬†With the hustle and bustle of an active workshop, not a lot of people notice the artwork scattered around our humble space. Some is from our members, some is from artists in our building, and all of it is a delightful expression of the duality of art and engineering that makes us what we are: hackers.

Background: photo of statue at Hoover Dam. Foreground: our stereo for all da beats.
A note left by some friends
A bad joke. So bad, it's wonderful.
The origin of this print escapes me at the moment, but I definitely love it.
A few prints of Philly's own City Hall
A colorful selection of whimsical 3D printed objects.
Even a piece of cardboard is art in the right context.
An unfortunately blurry of an intriguing concept. Samples of textiles as if they are samples of microbes, or insects.
Urban abstract, from our favorite neighbor, the one we know as "G"
Electrically conductive painting with surface mount LEDs. Unfortunately, the lights no longer work.
Another conductive ink print, an earlier prototype for the previous print.


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