6/11/11 Open House Wrap-Up

First Officers Log, Stardate 64941.3…

Yesterday we ran a few games of Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator at our new Saturday Open House event, and we had a ton of fun. This time we decided to try out the “Into the Breach: Starfleet” mod by a team called NegativeZone. Basically, it’s a Starfleet mod for the game. It changes the main ship (the Artemis) into the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), and also changes the enemies to the familiar: Romulan, Klingon, and Orion varieties. Personally, it was a great experience to be fighting Klingons and instead of the default game’s “Argonians” for a change. Since Artemis is not a Paramount/Universal intellectual property, this would not have been possible without a mod team like NegativeZone.

Of course we had the great Chris Thompson as our captain. We also had a few IRC regulars come in and play. Steve (aka Inspired Chaos) did a great job at helm, and Alex (aka Derpy) was awesome at his engineering duties. As fairly new players I have have to hand it to these guys, they’re quick learners and worked well under pressure. Lastly, I manned the science and communication stations simultaneously.

We played a few games at a very easy difficulty level to start off with.  We swiftly won those games. Then, we moved up to level 5. It was alot harder, with enemy ships capable of warp speed, as well as enemies with cloaking capabilities; but we ended up actually winning!

This game is really great fun all around, and everyone is invited to play our next game on Saturday, June 25th. Be sure to bring your laptop or netbook.

Live long and prosper!

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