Week of 2/13/11 Open House Recap

Well another open house has gone by and it sure was a lot of fun. Last night was literally bursting at the seams with activity as we had people doing all manner of things from working on 3D printers, experimenting with electronic music sequencing, and all the way to people working on top secret projects.

Of course we also had our second game of Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator last night, which was (I believe) our 3rd gaming night. Again, we had a blast playing quite a few rounds (some being a bit shorter than others) at full crew capacity. We had a few first timers playing with us so that’s always fun. I for one can’t wait until next month’s game!

Toward the end of the night we had another impromptu music session, but this time instead of karaoke we did some jamming with electronic instruments and sequencers. The group consisted of Brendan Schrader and PJ Santoro on sequencing units, and Jack Zylkin and I on keyboard synthesizers/samplers. Could a possible musical project be brewing at Hive? I guess we’ll see!

See you next week!

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  1. Aw man, why the hell did I leave? Some stupid notion of “going to bed at an early hour.” Next week, next week.

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