February Robotics Meetup Group Wrap-Up

Last night Hive 76 hosted the second Robotics Meetup Group of the year. We saw some new faces and discussed some interesting topics such as beginner robotics kits, Arduino-based robotics solutions, oscilloscopes, and wirelessly powered flying robots.

Speaking of flying robots, regular member Tom Setliff brought in his quadrotor (a robot which uses 4 rotors for flight) project that he’s been working on for about 2 months now. It really surprised us how far along he’s already gotten with the frame for his creation. Kudos Tom. Our organizer and group leader Roy Brewer also talked about the custom made AVR-based microcontroller that he’s testing out for his own quadrotor project.

The video here, sent in by Hive 76 member Jim Fisher (also of PLUG and PACS fame), shows a proof of concept Quadrotor demo being done at GRASP Labs at the University of Pennsylvania.

Our very own Hive 76 Quartermaster, Brendan Schrader had some cool things to say in our conversation about oscilloscopes. He even showed us his neat Seed Studio pocket oscilloscope.

All together another great meeting for 2011!

For those that are interested, our next meeting is March 10th at 7:30 PM. Hope to see you there next month!