Open House Tonight (Wednesday)!

Tonight (Wednesday) at open house we have some special events planned.  Starting at 7:00, we’re going to have a round-table ‘scrum’ to discuss projects we are each working on, ideas for collaborations, and most importantly a vote on our leadership for the coming 6 months.  By 8:00 the scrum will be over and the full-on open-house madness will ensue.  Adam is demo-ing his mad scientist skills by showing us how to make our own glow sticks.  Meanwhile, Brendan and Chris will be working on their Boomcase prototype, Sean will be playing with heads-up displays, and Jack will be mocking up a new board game.   Guess what else — both the 3-D printer and the Craft Robo came back on line this week after a long hiatus — come by and you can help us make some celebratory prints!  And the best part:  there will be food and drinks for all!  If you’ve never been to an open Hive76 meeting before, this is a great opportunity.