Today Brendan and I bodged together a powered audio suitcase, aka a BOOMcase. It’s not quite the same as one by Mr. Simo, but it does rock pretty well. I cut the holes and Brendan did all the hard stuff like soldering and wiring.
Brendan asked to get more credit then me because he provided the big speaker and the amplifier. Go Brendan!
Details: The amplifier is from old computer speaker system. The suitcase is an American Tourister. I got 8Ohm speakers form a cheap stereo system. A 10″ guitar speaker acts as a passive radiator. The BOOMcase is plugin now, but a battery is in the works.
Video of it being awesome.


6 Replies to “DIY BOOMcase”

  1. Can you give me a little more information or a schematic on the electrical circuit that lives inside the suitcase. And what type of battery are you considering?

    1. The amplifier is just hard wired in. We soldered a new jack on and the outputs to the speakers. Computer systems seem the best fit. The battery is a NiCd pack and charging is still under development.

  2. Have you made another one since? Do you ever use car amps/speakers? What size (in aH) batteries do you use and type of charging system?

  3. Hi mate, this a great idea, what power is the amp? Ive been looking into building my own and was hoping for some info if possible and the gear I might need.

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