Neighboorhood Bike Works Odometer Class

This summer, Hive76 embarked on a mission to teach more than 100 youngsters how to solder, and to promote making and inventing as a life skill.  We teamed up with Neighborhood Bike Works, a bicycle co-op and youth program which we have a huge crush on, to offer a series of classes for their summer campers.  After raising money by selling kits at the Trenton Arts Fest, and receiving some generous donations from our members, we bought a truckload of class supplies and recruited great teachers from Hive76 and the Hacktory.   The classes taught basic soldering skills, some elementary electricity, and applied these ideas to building electronic odometers and safety lights,  which were developed here at Hive76. 

We had a blast, and hopefully we’ll be doing more events for young ones in the future.  If you have an idea for a youth-outreach class, let us know!

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