Member’s Day Saturday the 24th

Saturday July 24th is a big day for Hive Members. We have two events going on that day for members and their friends/guests. Every member is strongly encouraged to attend, both of these, but we aren’t going to break legs if you are out of town, or can’t make it.

Biannual Members Meeting ( 12 Noon to 2:30PM, Saturday July 24th)
This is a twice yearly meeting of all members, in order to track/check how Hive76 is working out for everyone. Every member is encouraged to attend, and a full schedule of topics is in the calendar event.

Picknic at Lemon Hill at Fairmount Park ( 4PM until ?? Saturday July 24th)
Biagio is organizing a Hive76 BBQ in Fairmount park on (With a rain date tentatively set for Sunday July 25th.) It is Pot Luck, so for every 2 people Please bring something to eat and something to drink for 2-4 People. Bring squirt guns, frisbees, and tons of sun tan lotion This is a chance to relax, meet new and old members, and relax outdoors with geeks. Non members are welcome to join us, of course. (Bouncy Castle Not Included, photo by Zumix)

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