Hive76 Management Elections – 2010

Here ye. Here ye.
Let it be known the results of the Hive76 Management Election [so far.]
These positions have incumbents and they will roll on through for 6 more months:
Instigator: Far McKon
CTO: Adam K.
Events Coordinator: Jack Zylkin (This is a kind of a new position.)

But there has been a change in the Secretary where “lame duck” Adam E. has decided not to run again. The candidates were Dan and Chris and Chris was chosen. [and so I get to blog more I guess]

Also, Philip will be taking over for Brian as Bookkeeper and ran unopposed.

Lastly, the voting was a tie for Quartermaster between PJ and Brendan, so we will be re-voting.

Thanks for the hard work past management peeps, and here’s to a good future new management!