Wikipedia Takes Philadelphia

This Sunday (April 11) at Noon a there is a Wikipedia scavenger hunt and photo shoot that is happening in and around Philadelphia. There is a huge list of places that need Wikipedia Photos around our city. The goal is to get as many of them photographed and into Wikipedia in a weekend, and get a better set of city photos up.

If you have a camera and want to run/walk/bike around and get some photos of the city. Sunday’s event would be a great time to do that.

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  1. Hey – this is cool! However, the dates on this post as well as the event page it links to are confusing. Saturday is April 10th, and Sunday is April 11th!

  2. If I can suggest something. Rather than just taking the pictures – geotag them.

    A couple of ways to do this. Get an eye-fi memoy card for the camera. It uses skyhook to get a fairly good location point.

    Carry a GPS system with you and turn on waypoints. If you collect waypoints with a time/date stamp and GPS location, AND time/date stamp your pictures – you can use some software to merge the two and geolocating your pictures.

    Or you can get a Ricoh 5000 camera that captures the GPS and direction automatically in the picture in EXIF format, load into Picasa, and export to google maps.

    Just some ideas.

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