Far McKon speaking at PACS on Saturday

Far McKon and Digital Snowart at 26C3
Far McKon and Digital Snowart at 26C3

Through some kind of GROSS error on their part (do they know what they are getting into?) I’m going to be speaking at Philadelphia Area Computer Society (aka PACS ) this weekend. I have no idea how or why I got through their sanity filters, but there is my name, on the schedule for a talk.

I’m going to be talking about Hackerspaces, how they relate to Software Libre and distributed software projects, and why the are going to take over the world (peacefully). I’m going to have a blast talking, and I hope I’m entertaining to the folks listening.

If anyone wants to come watch me make a fool of myself in person, the meeting is at the Community Center at the Super Giant Food Store of Willow Grove, and my talk starts at 12 Noon, and there is great stuff before and after it.

If you want to come and are not a member, You’ll probably need to grab a guest pass (from the right sidebar). Hopefully this is a first step in Hive76 and PACS working together on great stuff around Philly!

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  1. Far:

    I enjoyed your talk at PACS on Saturday. I use to own a TV repair shop and have test equipment, parts such as resistors, capacitors etc that I would like to sell. Is there anyone at your organization that might be interested? I live in NE Philadelphia.

    Jack L Weinstein – jwtv@juno.com

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