On Monday the 21st, we’ll be having our first ever DIY music night. Anyone with an interest in music –whether its assembling analog effect pedals, designing custom MIDI plug-ins, or modding up a fretless bass — is welcome. Come with your own personal secret project, team up with like minds, or get some guidance from our resident experts. There will be copious supplies of common electronic components (no digikey necessary), several computer workstations, and a good deal of geeky comraderie for inspiration and assistance. This study-group/workshop is open to novices and pros alike.

And feel free to bring a guitar/synth/childrens-toy to jam out on!


Django/Python Hacking Night!

Hello all you Pythonistas.  So someone (cough:Far:cough) accidentally scheduled Python Hacking Night as 7am instead of 7pm on second Mondays, leading to a minor collission, but since the collison was also a Python event of sorts (Django being written purely in Python), I thought maybe we’d go all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on it…  “you got your Python in my Django!” “No, you got your Django in my Python!”…  and do a joint night, and see how much interest there is in separate nights, related projects and whatnot, whatever…  we’re making this up as we go along!

So if you’re interested in either Python or Django, please come by a week from tonight, Monday the 14th at 7ish, and that’s 7 post meridiem mind you!


Python Hacking

Python hacking was a success. After a few hours of messing around B-Man and I managed to get a good cross-platform version of tab completion running on OS X/Windows/Linux all. It’s the first version of full cross platform tab completion I’ve run across. If anyone has shown me an earlier version of the same thing, I’d be keen to see how someone else did it.

Python hacking night was a success, we brought some new functionality into the world, and hopefully it will be useful to folks. Catch you at the next one.

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fschemerawsmall-jpeg-image-700x230-pixelsDaniel showed up the Python, Processing, and Pizza tonight with Fritzing on the mind.  Firtzing is this awesome new tool that is based on the ideas Processing and Arduino. Instead of doing code though, Fritzing does electronics board design.  If you know how to put together a breadboard, or can figure it out, Fritzing will auto-generate a PCB and schematic based on just that. It’s clearly still in beta, but already it looks like it will knock the socks off of anyone who has tried to work with Eagle or other PCB design programs.

We are going to be running a Fritzing study group starting next Thursday, right here at Hive 76. The Study Group will run from 7PM to 9PM out of our space at 915 Spring Garden (dial #500 to get let in). If you want to find out more, join the discussion on our mailing list.

Plus, I just like the word ‘Fritzing’…