MMMM: Monitoring Motion

photo by peej

That time is once again upon us! This coming Monday, October the 10th, is our second installment of the Monthly Monday Microcontroller Madness series!


This month’s workshop will feature the concept of motion sensing in relation to microcontrollers. We’ll be taking a look at passive infrared sensors (PIR) for motion detection, ultrasonic range finders for distance measuring, and even looking at how to integrate a webcam into your Arduino project for motion analysis. These sensors and techniques are great for adding to your Halloween projects (wink, wink).


In addition to talking about motion, we will be offering our usual advice and guidance to those currently working on projects, or looking where to get started. All skill levels are welcome and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!


UPDATE: Here’s a link to the Arduino Reference page for the Parallax ultrasonic sensor and a code page for the Parallax PIR.

Manufacturer information can be found here and here, respectively.

Monthly Monday Microcontroller Madness @ Hive76

Pile of Arduino things. by Andreas Wetterberg
Pile of Arduino things. by Andreas Wetterberg, on Flickr

Starting at 7 PM on Monday, September 12, Hive76 will be starting a new ongoing monthly workshop focusing solely on the wonderful world of microcontrollers.

“What’s a microcontroller,” you ask? Let’s take a quick glance at the Wikipedia page!

“Yeah, so?? Why should I care?”

“What if I’m familiar with microcontrollers, and I’m just looking for a place to talk shop, jump-start a stalled project, or help other folks learn a thing or two?”

  • Come on down!!! (up, or over also apply here)

Great! Now that you’re coming, what can you expect?

You can expect to be welcomed into a friendly environment and you are encouraged to bring your ideas, aspirations, projects, and most importantly, your questions! Individual projects, group projects, build challenges, basic skill instruction, hardware buying guidance, and experts on hand! I would like to emphasize that this workshop is open to complete beginners. No prior experience with electronics OR programming needed! We’ve all got to start somewhere!

PIC, Basic Stamp, MSP430, Arduino, etc… no microcontrollers will be turned away! This is an all-inclusive, open workshop to promote learning!

The Fine Print: Materials will be available for use within the space and a limited amount of hardware will be available for purchase. If you’ve got a laptop or netbook handy, please bring it along. Instruction and guidance will be available free of charge!

(Donations are always appreciated)


This workshop is brought to you by: KBI, Inc.

Hackadelphia at Hive76 on Sunday

Hackadelphia is meeting at Hive76 this Sunday, from about noon to 5PM. Hackadelphiais (in their own words):

We’re a group of coders who get together in the Philadelphia metro area to hack and share ideas. We’re a pan-technological group who accept people regardless of technology (though we can’t promise that COBOL users won’t get strange looks). The basic idea is to have people spending nights hacking in the presence of other hackers.

Come and share your code expertise, learn from another hacker/code, or just get some work done on a project. Hackadelphia will be here to help. Or better, sign up for their mailing list, and get a heads-up every time they meet.

The Skinny:
Hive76 (915 Spring Garden)
Sunday, Aug 15th, Noon to 5PM
It’s Free, bring your own food & computer.
(This event organized by Hackadelphia)