Workshop: How to torrent

Rule #1: Don’t steal stuff.
Rule #2: Always be seeding.
Rule #3: Always have 3 rules. (I guess)

The more we use the internet, the bigger the files we move around get. There was a time when I carried around a 1.44MB floppy with all my important garbage on it. Then ZipDisks! 100MB of storage. omg. Well, now when I want to share a day’s worth of webcam footage, I need to find a way to get 4GB of video to 12 different people. This is where bittorrent shines.

We want to show you how to torrent!

  • Workshop: How to torrent
  • Tuesday, 9/13, at 6pm
  • at Hive76, 915 Spring Garden
  • Free!
  • Bring a laptop with this installed: ĀµTorrent
  • Please leave a comment to RSVP

Here’s a tiny vid to explain how it works. Basically, everyone downloads one piece of the file at a time until they have the whole enchilada. Then in theory, they continue to share their copies with other’s that don’t have it yet.

This makes it easy to download huge files from large groups of users. It’s true that most torrent traffic is used for sharing pirated work. But we won’t be telling you where to get any movies or anything. We want you to know how to share your own stuff with bittorrent!