In a week-or-so (Saturday, June 4th) is Random Hacks of Kindness.

And what is RHOK? RHoK is a hackathon and competition to create solutions to pressing real world problems. By gathering the brightest hackers and problem-solvers for weekend hack-a-thons, RHoK aims to use technology to tackle disaster relief, social development, climate change, and human rights.

RHoK Philly begins at 9am on Sat June 4th. Register a team of 2-4 hackers (or join a team there) and Pick one of the dozens problem-definitions. Then design a solutions, dream/scope/layout and hack at it, and see what you can make by Sunday afternoon. The best project will be featured around the globe. If you have a global problem to suggest, get involved in the discussion on the RHoK site (http://www.rhok.org) and submit it.

There will also be a keynote talk by Roger Dingledine of the Tor Project Space is limited so be sure to pre-register.

WHAT: A FREE hackathon to create software solutions to global human challenges.
WHO: Designers, programmers, geeks, hackers, activists, problem solvers and concerned citizens!
WHERE: 3175 JFK Blvd, Drexel University, Philadelphia
WHEN: June 4th and 5th, 2011 starting at 9am. (Reception on June 3rd at WHYY)

Register at http://rhokphiladelphia.eventbrite.com

Teardown and Take Apart Workshop (March 28th)

Image thanks to drewzhrodague (CC licensed)
Teardown and Take Apart is your chance to take something apart, to see how it works. Bring in your old electronics, typewriters, or other stuff, and we will (carefully) help you take it apart to see how it works. Do you have an old printer, computer, or fax machine at home you want to try to take apart? Want to look inside a printer and see what makes it work? This is your chance to mess with it, and check out what is inside.

Please come with gloves, goggles (if you have them) and your curiosity. This is a carry-in carry-out workshop, so be prepared to take home whatever you bring with you. We also reserve the right to stop folks from taking apart dangerous things, or to stop teardowns that can be health or safety issues.

This event is free, but a $5 to $10 donation is appreciated, depending on how much help we provided you in your quest for take-apart-fu.

This event is organized by Far McKon ( FarMcKon@gmail.com ) of Hive76. If you have questions, email him.