Audio House Open House

On January 30th from 5PM to 8PM is an Audio House Open House at Hive76. This is an open house for *anyone* of any skill level to mess with audio electronics. Whether you have never soldered before, or if you are an audio expert, we will have great folks to hang out and learn from. On hand will be some beginner audio kits ($15 – $30) for people just getting started, and a couple of knowledgeable geeks to help out on more advanced projects. What experts? I’m glad you asked.

Exhibit #1: If you have been to a Maker Fair in the last year, you might have run into Jimmie P Rogers and/or Mitch Altman running one of their famous electronics tables. Jimmie and Mitch have tough countless people to solder, and do basic electronics. Jimmie is also well known for his circuit bending, and can do things to a talking toys that, well, you just have to hear it to understand.

Exhibit #2: If you have been to Hive76 for an open house in the last few months, you may have run into Brendon, who is an analog electronics nut, and has run some effects building classes here at Hive76. The Guitar Effects class he and Jack ran was a hit, and he’s back to help make your projects sound fantastic.

So, young or old, geek or square, drop by Jan 30th between 5PM to 8PM, Hive76 will be open and both of those audio hackering experts will be on hand tou help people mash up circuits, tweak their audio, and get analog. If you like audio (from Novice to Expert) come drop in, hang around, and geek out.

When: Sunday Jan 30th from 5PM to 8PM
Where Hive76 HQ (915 Spring Garden St, Phila PA)
Cost: Free! (A $10 donation if you insist)
Equipment: Bring a project, a talking toy, or 20 -30$ if you want to buy a kit.
(photo by CC from Steve Dubois Thanks Steve!)