Find the MacGuffen

gur_drive_inPhiladelphia is home to one of this fine countries oldest traditions. The Guerrilla Drive-in. Not to be confused with the Gorillia Drive in, where you drive through Gorilla City. Instead it’s a drive in that moves, and appears and disappears without warning. Kind of like the Tardis but with popcorn, and less death and aliens.

But of course, we’re geeks. We don’t do things the easy way. So instead of just letting people look at a schedule and show up at the location. So the genii behind West Chester Guerrilla Drive went and hid a macguffen, which you have to find before you can get on the super seekret Drive-in mailing list. What is a MacGuffen you ask? I’d tell you, but that wouldn’t be much fun. Ask an argonaut.

So, I’m trying to crack the MacGuffen. If you want to get onto the Hive 76 MacGuffen Cracking Team, email or join the google discussion group. Did I mention there is a secret Nerd Merit Badge for finding it?


Repurpose is A great little documentary that just came out. It’s a short film by Jack Oatmon that looks into the hardware hacking community in Montreal, centered on Foulab. It’s always awesome to get a peek inside other hackerspaces! Gratz to Foulab!

Mailing Lists

A big part of a organization is communication, through email (and wiki, and IRC, and more).  While we are still spinning up the Wiki and the IRC chat channel, we do have some mailing lists up and running.

To kickstart things, there are now two google groups up and running for Hive76. There is an announcement group and an open discussion group as well.  The announcement group is a moderated list, which is only used for sending out 1 to 4 emails a month, about DiY/Maker/Hacker events happening around town, so it’s a safe low-traffic list. The discussion group is open to everyone and anyone, for talking about projects, cool stuff on the internet, or whatever else is going on.

Feel free to join both of them, or just join the Announcement list if you only want to tip of the iceberg.

Processing and Python Wednesday nights

Wednesday nights is Processing, Python, and Pizza nighs at Hive 76.  Stop by our HQ at 915 Spring Garden St. between 7 PM to 9 PM to get some pizza, hang out, and work on projects in Processing or Python.

Hive 76 is up and running

Hive 76 is a new hackerspace, kicking off in Philadelphia Pa.   Based on making things awesome, and making awesome things, Hive 76 is currently based out of the 915 Arts building at 9th and Spring Garden St. in Philadelphia PA.

Look for more news as time goes on….

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