There has been some interest from members for our lovely Sells Mendel 3D printer Bronzebot. We also have a brand new (from the garbage) large format Designjet printer.

So we are running a quick workshop to show members and others how to use these new tools. Stop by if you are curious. It will be like a mini open house.

Training workshop
Sunday, 3/25, 2pm
at Hive76

RSVP with a comment if you’re coming. See you there!


5 Responses to “Training workshop on Sunday @2pm”

  1. passstab says:

    i’ll be there 🙂

  2. peej says:

    I will also be there.

  3. seth says:

    Dang. Missed this, when’s the next one?

  4. eagleapex says:

    Become a member and we’ll have one whenever! A new 3D printing class is on the way though.

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