Necessity is the mother of all invention

Necessity is the mother of all invention

Michelle doesn’t drink coffee, so she does not own a coffee pot. However, she did have a few coffee filters left over from making cocktail bitters. Fortuitously, she had also finished off a jug of milk the night before, leaving it on the counter because I hadn’t yet taken out the garbage (see! Procrastination pays, probably!) So, the milk jug bottom with a hole cut in the center holds the filter. The milk jug top holds the bottom instead of the filter because the handle was crumpling the filter. The weight of the jug assembly with grounds and water make the chop sticks grip the assembly on top of the jar (my favorite part), otherwise the top-heavy nature of the assembly would probably make it topple over. And now coffee is ready! I can’t tell if it tastes good because it’s freshly ground or because I’m just overly pleased with myself.


2 Responses to “The hardest thing about making coffee in the morning is not having had any yet.”

  1. KyleYankan says:

    How did you grind the beans?

  2. Sean McBeth says:


    No, Shell had bought a grinder for me in anticipation of me moving in, but I forgot to pack my press.

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