SuperSized Ant Farm

Hive is getting it’s own hive (ants). We are building a giant ant farm out of sheets of 3/8″ acrylic with silicone caulk between and some steel bolts for holding everything together (and for that classic steampunk look). Rich and Pete and I got the thing together and Brendan did the boss trapezoid cut on top.

First test for water-tightness revealed one minor flaw which will be fixed this week.

Pete says: "It's like it was made for the trash!"

Water-testing in a clean trash can. Pete says: “It’s like it was made for the trash!!”

We're going all-in.

We’re going all-in.


3 Responses to “SuperSized Ant Farm”

  1. Jim Fisher says:

    OMG, my granddaughter is going to love this. I’ve needed a real reason to bring her to the space. Great idea.

  2. Josiah says:

    Very nice 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    What did you use as the median between the acrylic sheets to give it the thickness you wanted?

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