our custom made heated build stage for our MakerBot CupCake CNC is working extremely well. here you can see 4 pulleys being printed at the same time. there’s no raft (saves time, plastic, and headache), and ZERO warping. excellent! the etched acrylic may stick a bit too well. we’ll have to try regular, unetched acrylic next (which will be less expensive anyway).

say hello to mass manufacturing.

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3 Responses to “heated build stage success!”

  1. Marty says:

    This is looking great! Do you have any build instructions up?

  2. jmil says:

    thanks!! not yet, still optimizing how best to produce these and bring cost down somewhat. but here are some more pics in case you want to get started:

  3. […] reading about successful (i.e. warp free) prints on a heated build platform, Jordan Miller built at Hive 76,  this seemed to be a solution for my problems and much easier to build than a heated build […]

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