Class – Noise Gadgets, Vol. 1: Piezo Transducers

On July 14th Hive76 will be hosting a class on piezo transducers! What’s so cool about peizo transducers? They let you turn anything into an electric instrument that you can amplify, record, and experiment with! These nifty little devices turn vibrations into usable electrical signals -and the nice thing is that they’re dirt cheap and easy to work with.

Basically microphones that work by touch, they can be used to electrify guitars, make drum boxes, or listen to sounds you can’t hear with your ears. Essential to the musical tinkerer and sonic experimenter.

The class will include a brief lesson on the science of music, sound, and practical applications of piezo transducers (music or otherwise). Participants will build their own contact microphones and leave ready to start making their own noise. If you have any cool old tins, boxes, or things that vibrate in an interesting way, bring them and turn them into instruments.

Please RSVP by commenting below with the number of seats you’d like to reserve.

When: July 14th, 2pm
Who: Open to the public
Where: Hive76, 915 Spring Garden Street
How Much: $10 at the door
Difficulty: Basic as basic can be
(Parents, please accompany minors under 18)

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10 Responses to “Class – Noise Gadgets, Vol. 1: Piezo Transducers”

  1. Mike Carroll says:

    Thanks for offering this. I’ll be there with a friend, 2 seats please.

  2. Leslie Birch says:

    What time does this end? I have a bbq that same day.

  3. Matt Bryan says:

    I would like to reserve two seats please. Thanks!

  4. Daniel Provenzano says:

    If we start on time, I’d suspect you could leave at 3pm and get your $10 worth.

  5. Rick Webb says:

    Please reserve a seat for me. Do we need to bring our own transducers?Should we bring anything not mentioned already….such as guitars with piezo pick ups, amplifiers or fx like pitch shifters?

  6. Daniel Provenzano says:

    Rick – we supply the transducers and cables, but you’re more than welcome to bring amplifiers (as we only have a limited number) or anything else you think might be fun.

  7. Barry says:

    I’d like to reserve two seats, please.

  8. Dennis says:

    Please reserve 1 seat for me.

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