Code of Conduct

Guidelines for Conduct in the Space

This stuff is generally considered “common sense” but it’s important to have guidelines by which we expect all members and entrants to the space to follow.

  1. Individuals should be at least 18 or accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter the space
  2. The Quartermaster has domain over the physical space. Every item in the space has a home, so please refrain from rearranging the space without permission.
  3. Obey the “campsite rule”… leave the space in a better condition than how you found it.
  4. Return tools to their proper location. Every tool has a home. Send them home.
  5. Perform an inspection of the space before you leave: SOLDERING IRONS OFF, major lights off, equipment put away. Check the trash — if it looks full, take it out and place a new trash bag in the can. Brooms are provided for your convenience. Do not unplug or turn off any power strip unless it could pose a hazard to the space or its inhabitants (e.g. power to a soldering iron or power tool).
  6. If you have not been trained to use a piece of equipment (whether you know how to use it or not), don’t use it. Ask the Quartermaster for help.
  7. Clean up the shrapnel from your work; use the vacuum to clean up debris from grinding, sawing, drilling, cutting, etc.
  8. Using a tool inappropriately or for a purpose other than for its designed use is not only dangerous to yourself and others, it will get you kicked out.
  9. Proper safety equipment must be used at all times when using power tools. Wear goggles and a mask if you are generating dust. Get help if you want to get on a ladder (don’t use the ladder alone).
  10. Open food containers, empty drink cans, and cups need to be rinsed in the sink before throwing into the trash unless you are taking the trash out when you leave. See above.
  11. If consumables are running low, send a request for replacements by contacting the Quartermaster and email
  12. Lock the door to the space when you leave.
  13. Blatant or repeated disregard for these guidelines are grounds for revocation of membership.
  14. Refer to our Harassment Policy for appropriate membership conduct.