Member Meeting Voting
and Proposal Process

For major space decisions, Core Members and Basic Members vote. A proposal is passed by 2/3 majority. Core Members have the right to block a vote if they absolutely can’t live with the outcome. A ‘block’ can be overridden if everyone other than the blocking Core Member votes to override it. Lite Members are encouraged to be part of decision making, and can participate in discussion. Their votes are recorded and announced, but don’t count towards the 2/3 majority.

For Voting and accepting proposals, Hive76 uses the system below:

  1. We vote at member meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month (7:00PM sharp).
  2. To submit something to vote on, a member has to:
    1. write up a proposal, and post it to the Pending Proposals section of the wiki.
    2. They must also post the proposal to the mailing list, with the subject line starting with PROPOSAL:.
    3. NOTE: the proposal might be modified during the voting meeting by those in attendance, as long as it sticks to the core idea/plan.
  3. Proposals are brought up in order at the meeting. Proposals may be modified in reasonable and minor ways during discussion.
  4. Proposals are passed by 2/3 Majority of people attending the meeting, in their final form.
  5. Members can select someone to vote for them by proxy at the meeting, if they can’t attend themselves.

Proposals that are not on the wiki,and/or were not announced will not be voted on.